So people keep asking me "What does Sawtooth Bound mean?" I really need to work on my elevator pitch but it goes something like this.... In 2017 my brother and I took a week long backpacking trip in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho.

SawtoothBound was a hashtag I used while preparing for that trip but that was only its beginning as it turns out. That trip allowed me to unplug from the daily grind of a job that was killing physically, mentally, and spiritually. I reflected deeply on my life, family, and work and I decided that I wanted to live again. So I did. I left that job to take a risk career wise as well as explore other interests. While my work is still very demanding I make the time for other passions.

In 2018 the girls and I started leading group backpacking trips, we took several road trips including one that took us to Colorado and as far as The Grand Canyon! Sawtooth Bound has become a brand that we operate under but more than that it's a constant reminder that "the best things in life aren't things" and that experiences and adventure will last far longer than titles and status. 


Steven Lash - Team Lead / Director

Motivated by the desire to break out of the corporate grind, Steven is the visionary behind Sawtooth Bound. He is responsible for the planning and leadership of the Sawtooth Bound adventures and expeditions.

Steven was introduced to the wilderness by his father at a very young age through hiking, canoeing, and camping. He is an avid traveller, backpacker, and off road enthusiast. His passion for the outdoors is most often expressed through the Sawtooth Bound catch phrase Exploring the Wilds on Foot and on Wheels.



Indigo Lash - Trail Lead / Media Coordinator

Indigo has logged many miles on the trails of the North Georgia including the Cohutta Wilderness and sections of the Appalachian Trail. In her role as Trail Lead she is responsible for assisting in the coordination of group members on the trail and at camp.

In addition to her experience in the backcountry, Indigo is an accomplished artist and photographer and puts her skills to work as photographer and videographer for many of Sawtooth Bound’s adventures.

Off the trail Indigo assists in maintaining the @Sawtoothbound Instagram.



Zara Lash - Trail Lead / Camp Coordinator

The youngest member of the Sawtooth Bound team, Zara has already logged many nights in the backcountry. She will be assisting in the coordination of group members on the trail as well as monitoring campsite activities and stewardship.

Zara also helps to maintain the @SawtoothBound Twitter account.

 "Road work ahead. Uh, yeah... I sure hope it does!"



Jon "Pop" Lash - Emergency Base Camp Director

Jon has been an avid outdoorsman for most of his life and brings considerable experience in emergency response. He is responsible for coordinating emergency communications and procedures.

Jon is actively involved with Suwannee and Columbia County, Florida Emergency Operations Centers' amateur radio operations. He participates in the deployments for hurricanes and other emergency response and exercises. Additionally, he coordinates supplemental communications for community events (i.e. air shows, parades, invitational track meets).

Jon is a retired communications industry executive, volunteer firefighter and EMT.